How Long Does A Boil Last And When Does The Pain Go Away?


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Boils can last for anything between 10 and 25 days and the pain is likely to last as long as the boil is present.

Boils are bumpy red lumps that are warmer than the skin and can be very painful and tender. Boils can induce fever and fatigue in serious cases. The size of a boil can vary from pea-sized to golf-ball sized. Bacteria present on the skin, which colonises in the hair follicles, cause them. The skin around the area affected will inflame and redden and the centre will develop into a yellow or white point when the boil is ready to drain or burst.

People who suffer from regular boils are more likely to discover that there is a family history and will need to take antibiotics to rid themselves of them. Hospitalisation is also a possibility, especially if the patient is diabetic and regular sufferers will also be more likely to suffer from other skin diseases.

Infection from the boil can spread to the bloodstream and on rare occasions can become life threatening. Boils should not be drained, as opening the skin can cause further infection and complications. Draining with warm salt water and a cloth can be achieved with certain boils if it is a doctor that attempts this.

It is recommended that antibiotic creams or tea tree oil can be the best cure for boils. Boils can spread through touch, especially if people squeeze other people's boils.

There are a number of different types of boils. A number of boils close together are known as carbuncles. The bacteria that cause these is known as Staphylococcus aureus, this is interpreted from the Greek words 'staphyle' and 'kokkos' which mean 'a bunch of grapes'. This is how the bacteria often appear to look at.
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Some boils will take longer to go away than other. The pain lasts usually for a few days up to a week.

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