What does homogeneous appearence to the echo texture of the liver without focal hepatic parenchymal abnormality noted mean?


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I have an inkling that we're talking about mild fatty infiltration of the liver here - but I could be wrong!

Your best bet is really to seek clarification from a medically trained professional, as that is the only place you'll get a definitive answer.

What I would say is that, fatty liver disease sometimes gets dismissed as "not that serious".

I wouldn't believe that for a second. It sound to me like you've got a serious medical condition, and you should be pressing your caregiver for as much information and support as possible.

The longer you allow a condition to advance, the more complicated it will become to treat effectively. Trust me, I made that mistake and am rueing it!

If you're suffering from a similar condition, please come back and leave a comment with your experiences, I'd love to hear them!

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