What food is best for diabetics?


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Phil Newton answered

Being diagnosed with diabetes is tough for anyone, and it does mean that some lifestyle choices have to made, but it doesn't necessarily mean that certain food groups are off limits at all times. 

There are foods that you should avoid for the most part, but these foods can usually be eaten as a treat every once in a while.  With that in mind, here are some of the foods that are considered great for those with diabetes.

  • Fresh vegetables
  • Grilled lower fat meats
  • Beans
  • Eggs
  • Whole grain foods such as whole grain bread
  • Baked potato
  • Corn

So there you have it - some of the best foods for diabetics.  Now onto some of the foods that you should try to save for treats only.

  • Fries
  • White bread
  • Canned vegetables with added salt
  • Canned fruit in syrup
  • Fruit preserves
  • Fruit drinks
  • Fried meats
  • Full fat cheese

Here's a video outlining the top 10 best foods for those with diabetes:

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Arran Alston answered

Here is a list of some of the foods that a diabetic patient can eat :

  • Whole grains, like brown rice, millet, oatmeal
  • Baked potato
  • Lots of green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale,lettuce, arugula ( grilled, roasted or steamed)
  • Fresh fruits (no canned fruit please)
  • Chicken, egg, fish and seafood
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Jason Levy answered

Eating healthy, balanced meals is the key to managing your diabetes Good nutrition not only helps you control your blood sugar levels but it also lowers your blood pressure and cholesterols keeps cravings at bay.

I suggest some meal plan to you:-

  • Bake with whole wheat flour instead of white.
  • Start the day with a half-cup of high-fiber bran cereal.
    “Choose one with at least 3 grams of fiber per serving and less than 6
    grams of sugar."
  • Use whole wheat pasta.
  • Make a sandwich on whole-grain bread.

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Ashley Bennet , 5 years as a certified nutritionist at American Society for Nutrition, answered

Green beans are good food for diabetics. Regular consumption of green bean can help balance the levels of blood sugar and relive the discomfort from diabetes.

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Melissa Tower answered

1. Eat regular meals

2. Opt for slowly absorbed carbohydrates

3. Cut the fat

4. Five a day

5. Eat plenty of beans

6. Eat more fish

7. Cut back on sugar

8. Reduce your salt

9. Drink sensibly

10. Don’t bother with so- called diabetic foods

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Daisy Ellis , A freelance writer, answered

Well, diabetics affects our health seriously if we're unlucky to suffer it.

To control its effects, a balanced diet is extremely important. Also, you have to take an adequate amount of water as well as regular exercise every day. So what are some useful foods for diabetics?

I'd like to share with you some of them:

1. Cinnamon

2. Sweet potatoes

3. Beans

4. Spinach

5. Berries

Read more at: Top Superfoods for Diabetics

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Maria Gordon answered

1. Eat plenty of beans

2. Eat more fish

3. Cut back on sugar

4. Reduce your salt

5. Drink sensibly

food is best for diabetics

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there! If you already follow a healthy meal plan, filled with whole grains,
fresh fruits and veggies, and lean protein, you will be able to control the
problem pretty easily. Produce like apples, asparagus, avocados, beans,
blueberries, broccoli & carrots can be very beneficial. All the best and
take good care!

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Emily Harris answered

Beans. Kidney, pinto, navy or black beans are packed with vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and potassium.

Dark green leafy vegetables.

Citrus fruit.



Fish high in omega-3 fatty acids.


Whole grains.

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Hanna Whilson answered

The key to eating with diabetes is to eat a variety of healthy foods from all food groups (vegetables, fruits, grains, protein, dairy) but within your meal plan outlines. A proper diet can help manage the condition and control your weight, especially when following together with medical treatment. I personally order Ozempic Online and take it once a week.

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