Should I tell my BF I (used) to cut myself We’re together for one month which is not that long but i feel like i should tell him I recently cut myself again My best friend says I shouldn’t tell cuz i dont have many scars (never cut myself deep)?


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angie zhang answered

aww girl this is a pretty hard topic to tell someone even if they are your boyfriend , usually most people would hide it , but if your boyfriend is the really caring loving type that you know will understand just tell him , although you guys may not be in a long term relationship yet , get to know him better and ask yourself will he understand? , but if you want to tell him , just to tell him about your self harm thats okay , its not going to be a turn off to most guys but seeing as you have (used) to cut , try to not get too attached over him , don't worry too much about how he will react , if he reacts badly and accuses you or dislikes you for it , just dump him hes not worth it , if hes mature with it and tries to comfort you then hes definitely worth a shot :)

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Aww sweetie don't cut yourself I hope u dont even if feeling pain cuts out other problems in life tell him and if he really loves u he will stay and if he won't talk to u or dislikes u dump him he is not worth it but sweetie u need  to stop cutting try talking to a counsellor or someone who can help :)

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