I Cut Myself. Cutting Myself Helps Me Feel Better, But I Know Its Not Good For Me. What Should I Do?


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It's not that easy to stop. I do it, and still do. I haven't found a way out, and I won't lie and say now I'm all happy and got over everything and will never do it again, because that's not true.

My parents divorced when I was 5, and my life went downhill from there. I'm 14 now and have been cutting myself since I was 12. My friends try and try to stop me but now I think they're getting fed up of trying and call me stupid. I've given up on explaining to them.

I'm probably not in a position to give advice myself, but I'm going to try.

You need to work out why you're cutting yourself - this can be hard, and a difficult thing to think about.

For instance, do you feel guilty for something bad that has happened? Try to forgive yourself, think about this and whether it really was your fault.

Does it release pain from inside and give it a physical form?? Work out why you're hurting inside, and talk about it write about it. Whatever but never keep things to yourself, bottled up.

Think about all the good things in your life, it's never true to say that you don't have anything good in your life, be thankful for what you do have.

Professional help works probably, but it's not easy to talk to some one you don't know that you know is going to convince you to stop when you want to carry on. It's not easy - it never is. This probably doesn't help at all, but, I know how you feel, trust me. People can be idiots sometimes so don't listen to what they say if it's negative.

Most of all, help yourself, and try every thing to stop yourself.
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Hi my name is ajaylia and i started cutting myself2 years ago. And i just cant i wash the blood stream down my leg or arm i feel so wuch better and my problenms are forgotem for the that time. I t just makes me fell so mush better about my how do i stop when i do not even have the will to stop.
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Go to a councilor or tell a close friend, if they care they should help you through it! I've self harm scars up my left arm and when i'm under stress I tell my bf and he tells me not to think of it! He was my best friend but we got closer and we are what we are now but he never gave up on trying to keep my from every sharp weapon possible!! Tell someone close who understands you!
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I've gone through the same thing. I use to thinking that cutting myself makes me feel better but now that I've stopped and look back all I see is how it made me feel worse about the situation I was in and in turn that made me feel better because it felt like I was blaming myself instead of the people I cared about. I don't know what situation you're in but I can assure you that once you get over your addiction and look back you'll think the same as me. That it was a silly thing to do.

If people have relished around you that you've been doing it and I'm guessing so as you published it on the website, then it means that you want people to know about it but try and find an alternative. For scribbled on paper or cut it forcefully. May sound silly but in the long term, it helped.Once you find happiness you'll see ital become automatic to stop. Do you really want to put people around you in a difficult position?
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Unfortunately I've been a cutter for about 9 years (I'm 21). I've tried quitting- it's really hard! I tried the rubber band, but had to quit because I got into the habit of snapping int until my wrist was bleeding. I went through many Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) classes and learned a bunch of other ways to avoid cutting: DBT Skills  One of the things that make me at least hesitate before I'm about to cut is the idea that people might see the aftereffects. I don't wear anything with short sleeves anymore and, especially in the summer, it sucks! Then there are those times where you worry whether you cut too deep because it won't stop bleeding, and that completely ruins the whole self-injurious emotions (or lack of) that you were looking for! It's a lot nicer to go to a cafe' and have a special drink, sit and watch the sunrise/sunset, or go for a walk. You might want to think about a goal/reward system- if you make it a number of days without cutting, you get a small reward. Start out with one day, then go to four days, to a week, to two weeks, and so on. I hope everything works out!
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I think sharing feelings is a good place to start. I started cutting myself a few months ago. I wasn't depressed or anything like that, I just tried it for no reason. I always called people stupid, and I still stand by that. The first time I tried it, it hurt. The second time, it didn't. I don't try to kill myself. I just did it because it made me happy. But I still regret starting, because it's hard to stop.
So, if you're upset or depressed, I suggest you talk to someone. Anyone you trust. I'm not going to be hypocritical, and I know that I should stop to. I haven't cut myself for almost a month. And it feels good.
It's not good for you. I understand how it makes you feel better. But it's still a terrible thing to do. And I'm glad that I found your question, because it has helped me to.
By the way, I'm only 12. And it's bad for me at this age.
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I only cut for a few months before I realised I had to stop. However every day - just from those few months - I have to fight not to.
I stopped because I went on holiday for a while, and swore not to while I was there, but that might not be applicable to you. And I stayed stopped because of many reasons. One of the biggest ones is one of my friends started, which was horrible, and I knew if I wanted to be there for her, I couldn't be cutting myself. Even now, I'm going through a bad patch, but I know I can't cut, because I think of myself as an adult now. I'm only 15, so that sounds a little stupid, but for my friend I have to be the adult. And for myself, if I'm not willing to get outside help.
Mostly, I've come to peace with what I did to myself, and I think that's the key. It is your fault that you cut, like it was mine, but that doesn't make any of us bad people. We got to the stage where we couldn't cope anymore, and that's okay. But I don't think blaming anyone around us helps at all - even if they're horrible, even if all they've ever done is make it worse.

But unfortunately, I can only give you very basic advice, and I know it will sound stupid, but this is all I do.
1. When you feel like cutting today, choose not to. Read a book, go to bed, change your clothes, go for a walk. Do anything.
2. When you feel like cutting tomorrow, choose not to.

It does get easier, but not quickly.
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Well, I have never cut but I know people who do, or at least did. I don't know much about that now but I know when she was I'm me about how she cut herself, it really freaked me out. She was saying she did something bad and had to fix it but I couldn't fix it. Thank GOD she didn't do what she said she was but it was horrifying. I know that the people around you are worried about this. All I can say is find something different to do with your hands. It works like magic.
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Look if you cut yourself its not normal, go talk to a doctor or a psychiotherapist

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Well stop cutting your self least try then you go and get professional help if it doesn't help take a rubber band put it around your wrist and every time you feel like cutting pull on the rubber band and let's what my friend did when she used to cut.
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K. You difficultly should go see a hospital so that you may be checked out
then ask them if there's any consulars for you to talk to also ask about any programs they may have to help you stop.~please stop it hurts like hell
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I cut myself too.. It`s getting bad :/ I cut myself twelve times last night.. And, I can't stop I don't know why.. Please help....
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I was a cutter I had helped from my close friends and they helped me get out my hole I had dug up I started to cut when my life went down hill and it eventually crashed now I'm building it back its goin to take a while but just go outside and take a brake and breath or take up a hobby of some kind
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Look some people who are affected with blood cancer die because they do not get blood!!! And y r you wasting all your precious blood it maybe very important to someone....if you are really so eager then go to a hospital and take part in blood donation!!!!

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