I have this voice in my head that talks to me when I'm lonely, scared, sad, mad. It's a guy's voice, and all I know Is that his name is Silas. I know I didn't make him up because I've never heard his voice before. What is this voice in my head? Why is he in my head?


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This sounds like a pretty serious mental health issue to me, and the best advice you could receive is to seek a specialist's opinion and help.

There are a handful of conditions that could display this sort of symptom, but rather than jumping to conclusions, I'd recommend speaking to a doctor.

Despite the recent media drive to raise awareness, there's still a lot of stigma around mental health. People feel embarrassed or uncomfortable seeking help for these kind of conditions out of fear of being perceived as weak or nutty. This is especially true among men.

It's time to shake off that perception. The only person that loses out from not seeking help when you suspect you might be suffering from mental illness is you.

If you do have troubles convincing yourself, just remember: Would you be as hesitant if you had a lung infection? This is no different. They are both serious medical conditions.

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