Does this sound like i may have schizophrenia? I see things like figures and I hear things as well. I'll ask anyone if they seen it too, but they will tell me no. I also have the feeling that I am being constantly monitored as well as hearing a voice in my head telling me to hurt others including me...


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You may have paranoia.. Or if u are a teen... You may be just going through a phase... I am not an expert just assuming..

Hope this helps!!

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You may have schizophrenia (NOT A DIAGNOSIS), I suffer from the same symptoms, and have multiple personalities, yet still not officially diagnosed. That voice in your head is not Satan, it is a medical condition :) everything is okay, you're not going to hell. I would suggest telling your parents or a doctor everything you just told the internet.

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Hey Xanderia I believe that voice inside your head that is telling you to hurt others I believe that , that is Satan. You gotta push him out of your head. He is the one telling you to do those things he is putting those thoughts inside your head you can't let him do that. You gotta shove him out don't let his foot in the door and pray to God. I don't want you to hurt yourself. If there is something that you want to talk about you can message me I am following you and I will do the best I can !

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