I have period related problems.... Please help me out?


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Hi there - It's a little difficult to know where to begin as you have just said you have a ‘period’ related problems.  Without knowing the specifics of your question I’ll try and cover the main type of problems girls/women experience with their periods.

  • First things first - What is your period?

It’s simply the body’s way - when you are old enough - of getting ready to have a baby. Each month your ovaries produce and release an egg.  If the egg gets fertilized by male sperm - you get pregnant.  If nothing happens, all the nutrients and blood that your body has stored to look after the egg is no longer needed, so your body lets it go - and you get your period. It should happen about every 28 days.

  • Some women face irregular periods Unless you’re just at puberty or coming up to the menopause when your period can be a bit ‘hit and miss’ - it could be that something else is happening. Things that can make your period irregular are, stress, your weight (putting on too much and losing too much), and doing too much exercise. If you are on contraceptives then they may be causing you a problem also.  A condition known as Polycystic Overy syndrome can cause irregular periods. You should see your doctor about this. There are other things like Thyroid problems which may affect your periods also.

  • Another very common problem women face is heavy periodsso heavy that they impact daily life. If that’s your problem you should see your doctor. because you can get help. Sometimes you will be offered a contraceptive pill or other drugs that will help. Your doctor may send you for tests to see if you have fibroids - and if you do these can be removed.                                                                     

  • Pre-Menstrual Syndrome can cause some women a great deal of misery every month - I know because I suffered with this! My mood would swing back and forth and my family would know not to cross me at this time! A friend told me to take Evening Primrose oil and I have to say it helped me.  Other women I know have had to go to their doctor because they symptoms were so severe.
My daughter in law had something called Endometriosis which caused her so many problems with her period- it was very heavy and she had pain and constipation as well! It made her thoroughly miserable and on top of all that she was having problems conceiving. Thankfully she was able to control it with hormone treatment and when it settled down also managed to get pregnant!

Your period should happen regularly, once a month with only a small incoinconvenienceut if it’s more than that I encourage you not to put up with it and go see your doctor to get help-don’t put it off!

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