I Have Ocd, My Thoughts Are Killing Me, Please Help


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First of all take a deep breath, close your eyes then open them again and read what we are going to suggest you in this little "blurt". Dear friend, OCD is curable. I had it myself and I managed to get rid of it without using any medication or any other type of prescription drugs.

However, the first thing (which is also the first mistake) that people do when trying to figure out how to treat OCD is go the psychiatrist and seek help. All of them will offer you some kind of pills that are going to keep your relaxed. Another thing to understand is that your Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is going to be solved by your inner self. Seek self help in your own powers and don't let those chaotic thoughts dominate you.

While most of these medications that are extremely popular and everyone seems to be using them, there are very many cases of dangerous secondary effects. Be very careful! It's like playing with the fire - you might get burned.

Tip: I managed to overcome my OCD with the help of alternative methods. I started to practice martial arts, stretching and meditation (that's MEDITATION not MEDICATION). Believe it or not it helped. I also recommend everyone that has any OCD related symptoms to seek alternative ways to solve it and stop thinking that OCD medication or prescription drugs are going to save your life.

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Its where when in some cases, EVERYTHING has to be perfect or in others they think something is wrong and is quite fearful about it being wrong. I have Touretts and OCD. Mine is I have a kitten and I check the windows and the doors. Mainly the windows because she is an inside kitten, and I check and I pull the windows every night to make sure they're closed even though I no they are, and now I have a broken window handle because I pull it so often. Also I check the plugs because I am fearful of beggining a fire, and also the plugs, (floods) Also my bag at school incase its open and my seat for dirt. They are not so Major just I do it every day but not a lot, I am beggining to not believe these thoughts. I no it wont happen but I just can't help it (part of my Touretts too, mild. They come in packages in some peoples.<-- I have that) I am not mad or weird- (I'm funny though) -for why I have these but, I only do it in my sparetimes. But the best of it is that it CAN go when you grow upp. Yippeee. :')
Hope this helped..
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Hello, I was prescribed scitzophrenia, but I know for 100 % what you mean saying "1.my all thoughts are known by everybody 2.my life is watched by everybody"
I have the same horrible feeling and I feel ashamed on what I'm think it hurts a lot. But I may have only OCD at all, not a skitzophrenia prescribed by incompetitive psychiatrists....
I want share experience :/
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Obsessive Compulsive Order (OCD) is curable. There are two ways to cure this disease;
1-SRI's (Serotonin reuptake inhibitors) and SSRI's (SELECTIVE Serotonin reuptake inhibitors)
2-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

You need the treatment to keep yourself calm. Visit the following link for more information of OCD Treatment.
OCD Treatment
OCD Treatment

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