I've got bad to severe pain in the palm of my hand ,which has been like it's on fire, and the pain goes into my ring finger, pinky and middle finger... what could be causing this?


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Sounds like a pinched nerve somewhere. Do you have any other medical history as far as any cervical spine bulges, herniations, osteophytes? That would help give you a better answer

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Natalie Jo Price
I've never heard of cubital tunnel. I know of carpal tunnel which involves the wrists and forearm up to the elbow. Is that what you're referring to? Or is there something also called cubital tunnel? I know theres something people refer to as tennis elbow, but thats different. Now you got me curious. I'll have to look it up
Natalie Jo Price
Ok, I just looked it up. Cubital tunnel is carpal tunnels counterpart. I guess carpal tunnel is the most common nerve compression of upper extremities and cubital tunnel is the second most common. Cubital tunnel involves the ulnar nerve or what we usually call, the funny bone and the carpal tunnel runs directly adjacent to it.

I hope the shots help, I know they work well for most people no matter what nerve is targeted. You'll have to let me know how it works for you because they want to do injections in my spine but I'm holding off because innate needles!

I'm sure you probably already know what things to do and avoid so you don't irritate it more but I read that sleeping with elbow bent is bad and to wrap an ace bandage around the elbow at night so you don't bend it in your sleep, avoid repetitive elbow bending activities, make sure your arms are more straight than bent while driving, etc. Ibuprofen and ice work great to reduce swelling that compresses the nerve
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the shot did help some ,but it was still there even after I got the shot ,but less painful .it has somewhat came back ..the next step down the road would be to displace the nerve to keep it from cutting off ,causing numbness ,and pain ,and loss of use of hand..which will be my last resort..

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