My Blood Sugar Just Shot Up To 316, I'm New Tp This How Can I Bring It Down Fast, Am Light Headed And Woozy?


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My Fathers Diabetic level shot up to 240 after food in the night, he of course had a full meal and some sweets.  He is taking only 1 glycaphage in the morning.  Should he take Glycaphage or semi daonil to bring it down, or is there any other way.
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When  my moms blood sugar spikes I have her drink a bottle of water, the water can help to offset the extra suga in your blood also try checking your blood sugar levels a few hours after you eat and not right after you eat to give your body time to react and produce the insulin it needs to.
Hope this helped :D
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Call the hospital and see what you are supposed to do, go to a neighbors house to get help, but please don't sit there and let it happen, you need help right now, it is an emergency. Hope this helps.

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