I Am Taking Concor 5 For Blood Pressure, Glucophage To Stabilize My Sugar, Deanxit For My Sleeping Disorder, Omega 3 And Primrose Oil, How All These Combination Can Do Harm To My Liver And Body?


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Iam tarunn having high blood presssure sometime back was suffring frm rapid heart beat and high bp too nw since last two months iam taking concor am 5mg  nw frm some time I feel there is numbness in my left hand and some pain in my chest and feels that my bp is high if I take deep breathing I feel good I don't knw what is happening to me pls help and guide me for the same iam 43 yrs and daily I walk 3 kms and do slow jogg for 15 mnts.waiting for your reply.Rgrds.Tarunn

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