I blocked my memories from around 4 years old to about 8 or 9 years old. I disturbing flashes, but they happen randomly. Now I am studying my families history and I'm finding out a lot of things that my family are involved with. And well I have seen patterns in almost every generations. Then there are rumors of our family is cursed. And it gets even crazier then that. But everything I try to remember, its gives me a headache. it feels like there something there the should be obvious to me or something is right in front of me but I see and understand nothing.  please help 


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Hello Cynthia,

I'm not a perfect or an expert person, I just want to say this because I also experience what you're up to now.

I can only say this words to you.

"Forget about the past and move on"

I hope it helps :)

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cynthia shumaker villanueva
It's very frustrating...
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pt.2. Now the doctor's told me tht bc of my childhood whenever a kid is hurt by the very person tht they loved & or trusted our sub consiounse grabs it & hides it in the back of our minds. where as of later we grow up feeling like there's a huge pt. of our lives missing, but we jst go on & yet we sometimes also hurt the very 1's we love& dk why. Now my dad's side of the family reaching back to wht my gma told me tht she knew her ggma was also into seunces,terra cards, palms, to black magic,witch's, wicca, & more, my dad was still heavily into it when I came along & still is frm wht I've heard. So any ways when I came to in tht hospital I had re lived being tht same lil. Carla feeling,hearing& all of it all over again :( I went into this, IDK wht u'd call it, but hone.... PLZE. DO NOT LET SOMETHING LIL. TRIGGER UR MEMORY& MAKE U REMEMBER IT AS I DID FOR IF U DONT GO FOR HELP NOW...... U COULD END UP COMING OUT OF THE WHOLE THING AS A STATISTIC
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If u ever need to talk to some one I'm always here to help where I can & give you an ear to listen along with a heart felt answer's an just what ever u need. For if not for all the friend's, all of the support IDK if I'd still be here, or if I would still be here if I'd be on drugs to cope as we say. But its jst a way to run away frm our probs until we sober up & IDK if I would've ever sobered. Signed, by jst some 1 who believes in not letting ppl ever feel alone.
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Are you sure they involve the past in this lifetime? Maybe it's random memories from a previous lifetime......just a thought. :)

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