When I'm home alone, I always feel like someone else is in the house and that they're going at attack me. I tend to carry knives with me in case I do get attacked. Is this normal?


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anna nnna answered

No, its not normal! Do you feel comfortably? It also depends on if you are religious! If yes then pray! Its normal! It will help you! Try it :) its okay if you carry your knife if you feel better like this, but do not try to take it out of your pocket. 

Have it in your pocket just to feel better and do not take it out if you do not see anyone with your eyes! It make cause something bad! Hope I helped! Remember to pray :)

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Jason Jason , Anxiety. Specialist and therapist , answered

It is completely normal and safe to be scared, but not to carry knives. You need to understand that feeling scared is only normal. The goal is to do what you have to do in order to feel safe again without having to bring knives with you. Panic attacks during this time is very scary. I would say your goal is to do what you have to do in order to remove all your fears like talking to a friend, locking all doors, inviting someone to stay with you when you're alone, and anything that helps you.

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