What Does Paranoid Mean?


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The disorder that is known as being paranoid is something that affects a person's personality dramatically. This personality disorder can be characterised as a distrust of other people with a constant suspiciousness of other people. People that suffer from this disorder tend to have unusual trust in their own knowledge and own abilities. These people will often avoid relationships with other people and they spend time looking for the hidden meaning even although there may not actually be one. People that suffer from this condition tend to be very hostile towards other people and they will quickly challenge the loyalty of people that are friendly towards them and this includes family members. 
People that are paranoid tend to be rather obsessive when it comes to safety and security. They will feel insecure and they are fearful and very suspicious of a lot of different elements. Obsession will be another problem that is associated with this personality disorder and they will always have mistrust and fear. The term paranoia is commonly referred to nowadays as a delusional disorder and the person that is suffering from the condition is often described as being schizophrenic. 
These people tend to feel that there is someone lurking about behind them with an intent to either hurt them or kill them. It is very common for these people to turn a figment of imagination into a strong reality when they are suffering from this condition. It is possible for someone to be suffering from paranoia without actually having all of the symptoms that are associated with the condition. There are some people that suffer from this condition that feel that they are important icons or important legends. Paranoia can also refer to people that have a hyper nature but this is a very loose meaning of the term.
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An example of being paranoid is when your in the playground at school and you see a group of people talking and one person happens to glance in your direction.  If you were paranoid you would think that they are talking about you when they may not have been and could have been looking at someone else.  Another example could be when someone offers you a drink thats open a paranoid person might think that it has been spat in so refuse.   Being paranoid is sort of like your imagination in overdrive and you think everyone is out to get you or is talking about you.  If they are talking about you this is not paranoid, (say you hear them), you know then your not paranoid because you have heard them. But its not when someone tells you what to do.  Hope this helps. :-)
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A person who is afflicted with paranoia is known as paranoid. The characteristic of someone who is suffering from the disease is also known as paranoid.

Paranoid is an obsessive concern about one's security and safety. Such a person is insecure in his belief and can feel suspicious or fearful about a lot of elements, which he assumes as a threat to his life and property. Being obsessed with nagging fear and mistrust for others becomes second nature in a paranoid personality. The term paranoia is now rechristened in psychiatry as delusional disorder or paranoid delusions. A person who is suffering from paranoid delusions is often schizophrenic, believing that someone is lurking behind to harm him or kill him. What can be a figment of imagination become a naked reality to a person who is suffering from a delusional disorder. It is not necessary that a person who is paranoid may have persecutory, fearful or suicidal thoughts. Some cases of delusional disorders have people believing that they are important icons or legends. They may also believe that there is a twin who looks exactly like him and is around him. Paranoid can also loosely mean "hyper." When we say," He is paranoid about his project work," it means that he is overtly concerned and stressed about the impending work.
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Afraid of people who are going to do something to you and you don't have trust in them for that feeling of being afraid of them
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A person who believes that other people are always plotting against him cheating and persicuting him, feeling hate for him ..

... ...Anileen ... ....
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A person afflicted with paranoia
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It means that they feel that someone is going to kill them or like they're telling them what to do
well thats what I think cause I'm 11
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Well thats why I'm asking what does it mean and I don't understand all these big words I'm only 11
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1. Of, like, or suffering from paranoia.
2. A person suffering from paranoia.

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