I'm 14 and want to sleep shirtless but I'm afraid my parent will find me, and it'll be embarrassing. They usually check on me during the night. I can't wait till I'm in uni/college or have my own home so I can sleep shirtless. What can I do?


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If you want to sleep shirtless then do! I bet your parents only come in once!

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As a parent you learn to not "fret" about things you discover your kids doing in their sleep when you check on them. LOL! I caught one of my kids sitting up and brushing her hair..... In her sleep! LOL! 14 is a little old to be sleeping shirtless in my opinion but if I caught my 14 year old sleeping shirtless I would probably just cover her up. Now she better not be 14, shirtless and running around the house! At least you are in the security and comfort of your own room and bed.

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It's your choice, if your comfy without wearing a shirt in bed then you don't have to I mean Your 14!! I recently turned 15 and since I was 6 I've been able to sleep shirtless without parents coming in and complaining! You have a right you know..

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What's wrong with sleeping shirtless and your parents finding out?

If they find out, they won't think any different of you. It won't be an "embarrassing" moment because all you're doing is removing your shirt before you sleep. Nothing wrong with that.

I can actually understand your need for doing that. Some nights get really hot and you need to do something to cool you down.

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I guess just tell the one parent that you trust most what you're going to do, and let them tell your other parent. And maybe put a sign out or get a lock.

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