Can You Go Swimming With An Eye Infection?


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Actually you should NOT go swimming with either viral or bacterial pink eye. Both are extremeley contagious and anyone swimming in same water as you can become infected as well. In fact you very well could have gotten it that way too. I only know this because my grandson was just diagnosed with bacterial pink eye in both eyes yesterday and I asked his doctor that question specifically. I didn't get the answer I wanted...but... Anyway another factor is that the chlorine could further infect your eye, and with any form of eye infection you should NOT be in direct sunlight as an eye infection is worsened by the rays of the sun. Again this came from the doctor who treated my grandson just yesterday. Hope this helps! And hope your eye is better soon!
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just to stay on the safe side, if i were you, i shouldn't swim because the chlorine and all that nasty stuff in the water will most likely get more infectious... It really gonna get worse... So i would stay away from swimming until it gets better... Try putting ointment on it I recommend you Black eye remedy through this you get instant of knowledge about Home remedies for black eye .

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