Need Help For My Eye. My Eye Hurts In The Corner Is It A Eye Infection How To Treat It?


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If you are experiencing pain in the corner of your eye, yes it is most likely an eye infection. But there are many types of eye infections and the best thing to do is have a doctor see it right away. Whatever you do, don’t scratch it or apply pressure to temporary relieve the discomfort because it can only make it worse. A doctor will be able to prescribe the proper medication in the form of pills or eye drops to heal it.

One possible explanation is that the pain could be the result of a sty, which is an acute infection that occurs in the secretory glands located in the eyelids. This is caused by blocked glands, as the oil has nowhere to go so it forms an irritating lump that is red and painful. While a sty can sometimes be more noticeable in other parts of the eye, what you may be experiencing is also possibly a sty hidden in the corner of your eyelid. Treatment usually involves applying hot compress for mild cases and antibiotics for more severe cases.

Another possible cause for the pain could be dacryocystisis, which is an infected lachrymal sac which is where the tears are drained. Symptoms also include discharge or tearing, as the eye has no other means to drain the tear sac. Oral medication and eye drops are common forms of treatment, although for severe cases surgery is needed to create new openings for tear drainage.

It could also simply be that a foreign substance such as lint or dust or even an eyelash has gotten stuck in the corner of your eye. If you look closely and can observe particles, rinsing your eyes with clean water should usually do the trick. Otherwise you should see a doctor right away, which is most recommended at the soonest possible time with all eye infections.
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Stye definition and care

It is probably a stye, they have medication at the grocery store for them, next to the contact lense solution (noticed it yesterday).
I have never had one but have seen them and I think it's probably safer to go ahead and treat it
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Whatever it may be, rinsing with warm water "flushing" the eye will be helpful.  Avoid scratching or rubbing it if at all possible, if you do touch it, wash your hands immediately so you don't spread the infection and reapply it to the other eye. If you start getting goop or a lot of crusties, seek out a physician to prescribe you eye drops....  Good luck.
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Need help for my eye
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Just go to an eye doctor or get eye drops this could lead to serious blindness or loss of the eyes so just go visit one now!
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If it is pink eye you need a eye doctor very cont
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I have one of those too!
My mom took me to the doctor and he said its an eye infection:S
just go to the doctor asap, because my sister got blind on one eye because of the infection.
Oh my god this is serious, your going to die!!!!!

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