Can I Cure Quinsy Without Going To The Doctor?


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Advice you get on Blurtit is not from medical professionals.

Are you sure it's quinsy?

Quinsy is not really something a person catches. It is more a case of an infection already there (tonsillitis) that is spreading, and forms an abscess in the back of the throat. This can make swallowing and even breathing difficult.. It is a very nasty (and painful) sign of a bad infection already present.

From everything I can research, there are not really effective home treatments by the time quinsy has developed.

You can wait it out and see if it gets better. But people can die of quinsy -- I would think very carefully before you decide to shun a doctor's care. George Washington is believed to have died form complications related to quinsy. It might get better by itself. It also might cause permanent paralysis of the tongue, or spread to the lymph nodes and cause further problems.

In a sec, I will write a question-answer pair on alternative medicine treatments for tonsillitis, which could prevent the quinsy from ocurring.

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