What Is Adult Tonsillitisand ,is It Contagious?


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While tonsillitis is usually associated with younger people and little children, a few adults do get it. This happens when some bacteria or viruses infect the tonsils. In order to receive the proper help you must see a medical personnel to determine if it is a virus or from bacteria. The treatment for these is different.

The most common bacteria to cause tonsillitis is strep. Once a doctor determines which kind of tonsils it is he can order antibiotics to help cure the problem.

Some of the symptoms of tonsillitis are fever, sore throat, talking with a hoarse voice, white patches on the throat, and trouble swallowing.

The disease is highly contagious and you should avoid drinking from anyone's glass or using any eating items after anyone with it until they are sterilized. It is suggested that anyone around people with it was their hands a lot.

To protect others stay home from work pr places where you would come into contact with other people.

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