I am suffering from fever in the afternoon and evening for the last six years?


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That doesn't sound like a cold, I would check with a doctor but you most likely have pollen or dust allergies. Also it is possible if you are coughing a lot that you might have what is called coughing Asthma. But it is best to check with a medical professional.  Hope this helps.

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You should not have put up with a fever every morning and evening for six whole years; that must be really hard on you!

Your fever could be caused by prescription medication, are you on blood pressure tablets or anything similar that may have this as a side effect?

We can rule out viruses and bacterial infections because, with the best will in the world, they are not going to last for six years, so that's two things rules out.

Rheumatoid arthritis can sometimes cause a fever, have you been diagnosed with this or feel that you may have symptoms of it?

Vaccinations are another cause of fever but to be honest, if the fever has been constant for six years I don't see that it could be that either.

Now don't worry about what I am about to say, and I will tell you why afterwards. Malignant tumors can also cause fever. However, (this is the part where you stop panicking) if you had had a malignant tumor for six years I think you would have had some symptoms and signals by now!

Sometimes a fever occurs for no reason but definitely see your doctor so that he can rule out everything else. Also, if you are on medication, he might look at changing it to see if that is the cause your fever. However, if he doesn't find anything it could just be 'fever of unknown origin' which really isn't very helpful.

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