Why I Am Having Fever Every Evening?


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Most people suffer from a slight fever on some evenings. This is due to the body having a natural thermostat, which can rise and fall throughout the day. If the fever occurs every evening this is most likely to be due to a slight infection or illness. Medicines will help to lower the temperature but will only mask the problem. The best course of action is to drink plenty of fluids and get plenty of rest, especially in the evenings.

A fever is classed as an increase in body temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius or 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This increase in body temperature can lead to aching muscles and joints, and can cause shivering due to a feeling of cold, despite the increase in body temperature.

There are three main types of fever. The first is continuous fever, where the body temperature rises slightly and stays at this temperature throughout the day. Intermittent fever occurs when the body temperature increases for a short period and then returns to normal. Malaria is a type of intermittent fever. Remittent fever is where the body temperature increases by more than one degree Celsius in 24 hours and remains elevated. Hyperpyrexia is also considered a type of fever. This is where the temperature increases dramatically to at least 41.5 degree Celsius or 106.7 degree Fahrenheit.

Besides treating a fever with fluids, other well-known treatments that can work include a bath in warm water, and the use of fans to lower the temperature and increase comfort. Some common causes of fever are allergies to food, soaps or breathing in hazardous substances such as paint or turpentine. If fever symptoms persist for more than a few days, with the body temperature rising above 101 degrees Fahrenheit, it is advisable to seek medical advice.
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I have the same thing. Only slight rise in temp to 101.3. Then at night I sweat profusely. The next morning I'm fine. I went out mowed my lawn (1 acre) & trimmed no tiredness, no aches & pains, etc. Then around 5pm-6pm symptoms of fever start. I get all warm and the body aches, cough but I have a loss of appetite,. I get checked out thoroughly for TB, etc., entire blood workup and chest xrays due to the medicine I'm on. My autoimmune system is shot due to the Rx that I am currently on. I'm just thinking it is a virus (not a biggie) that my immune system is trying to over come and at 5pm-6pm it keeps generating itself daily. I take ibuprofen nightly and usually sweat it out. My Doc hasn't found anything and I refuse to glutton myself with antibotics if it's bacterial, only if my temp spikes to above 103. Don't know what it is, but I'll deal with it without Rx drugs. I know that taking Ibuprohen can be bad x2 tabs everyday, but if the temp isn't over 100, I don't even bother. So far it has no major impact on my job during the day (thank goodness for that), and in the AM I'm ready to go. Hope this info is of some help. You're not alone out there. There's lots of folks all around the world that have these same symptoms daily! Hang in there. You might just have to adjust your living habits with it.
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I think you have to test your blood for Salmonilla backteria I mean you should check your vidal test which is for typhoid fever.
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I'm 24yr female  having fever every evening why
My son had the same symptoms weeks ago. He is 29 years old. All lab tests and chest x-ray yielded normal results. Finally, his doctor advised him to take a blood culture test which yielded the Epstein-Barr virus that causes glandular fever. The good news is, this disease is not life-threatening and usually goes away in a couple of weeks without any serious complications, except for some rare incidents where a patient may get secondary infections that will need further evaluation and treatment. Try asking your doctor about this and ask him to give you a blood culture test just to confirm.
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Everybody get slight fever in the evening because it is natural cycle of internal thermostat. But a low grade fever with tiredness can be due to bacterial infection especially tuberculosis. But weight gain is not symptom of TB. You should get test of diabetes and TB by visiting doctor.
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Everyevening arround 4-7 Pm I am having the same symptoms  as mentioned above from 5-6 days (headche,joint pain,light fever and feel like Iam loosing weight).

I had the symtoms of TB around 1 year ago and for that I was suggested to take AKT-4 for 12 month and I did it. But now from 1month I am not taking any medicine.So is this due to not taking of AKT-4
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I am also having the same problem of getting fever in late evenings along with headache followed by severe sweating in night after taking paracetamol. 

Initial blood reports revealed that WBC is low for which some antibiotics were prescribed. However fever reappeared once the medicines were over after which I consulted an MD Physician. He also prescribed same tests as that of earlier one i.e. Blood, Urine Routine, Typhoid, Malaria. 

All turned out normal including the WBC. However fever still persist. Yesterday it was Day 15 and as per this doctor if it is Viral it remains till 15 days. 

Keeping fingers crossed for today as I have also exhausted my second dose of medicines.

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If there is stress building up in your back, then that can cause tension headaches. I am sorry, but I think you need to see your doctor over this. He may be able to advise how to avoid it, or even recommend changes at your workplace to accommodate your health problems. This is just about your back problems, your strange fevers are a further problem. Are you just feeling like you have a fever, or does a thermometer confirm it? That might be an important clue for your doctor, since fumes and gasses can cause you to feel feverish, but might not show up on a thermometer. There might be something where you are working for example that you are having an allergic reaction to possibly. I am not a doctor but I recommend you Home remedies for fever through this you get instant of knowledge about What's good for fever .

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