How do I stay awake all night?


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Not good to stay awake when you feel the need to sleep; lack of sleep can cause health problems.

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Absolutely, good answer!
Lokpi Mikic
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Actually you can. Caffeine, do not exercise, sleep during the day. And make sure that during the night the temperature is not hot because hot relaxes your face muscles which makes you fall asleep.
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Hello There,

You want to stay awake all the night , which is really not good for health. I suggest you to have a sleep. But still you want to awake for any work purpose, then you need to drink refreshment drink like Coffee or Tea. It keeps you awake.As being human being after some times , automatically you will feel sleepy.
Still I suggest you to have a sleep, as mentioned above it affects your health and of course which is not good. So don't do that.

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Not sleeping can cause physical and mental disorders to you. If you have sleep disorders, then have some therapies for it or do exercises.

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