I've had a bad day when i went to my room. I started crying then I got short breaths at rapid speeds, my heart was pounding, I got really light headed. I might have been shaking and after I got kinda nauseous. Did I just have a panic attack?


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Yes sounds like a panic attack, socialize anxiety, depression

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Why yes, dear, that sounds very much to me to have been a classic panic attack! I've had a couple in my lifetime- the first very evident one was the last night when I was working. Upon finishing up & getting ready to go home and get married the following Sunday, I experienced a full blown panic attack! 

Looking back at the time, I should have heeded that warning!! LOL almost twenty years later- he left me devastated and busted! So, listen close when this type thing happens...it could be something or better still, someone, trying to tell us something very important!

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This sounds like a panic attack to me too, and it could be your bodies way of telling you that things are getting "too much".

There is actually no known cause for panic attacks, although there is a suggestion that they could be genetic.

Hopefully, by focusing your attention on something more relaxing for a little while, you should feel better.

However, if that's not the case, then there's no harm in speaking to your doctor.

Some people are prone to panic or anxiety attacks, and they're not to be taken lightly. They can result in difficulty breathing and loss of coordination - if you're behind the wheel of a car or in a precarious situation, that could be fatal!

I would speak to your doctor if I were you, especially if this panic attack occurs again.

Self-help or cognitive therapy is the most effective treatment for people who suffer from panic attacks, but I'd say the most important step is seeking help if you feel they are becoming a problem.

This is a medical condition like any other, and needs professional attention.

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