My daughter is 10. She is having joint and muscle pain in her joints and legs. The pain is moving up. She is bruising easy too. It hurts her to walk. What can be wrong?


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I'm not a doctor but when my little brother was in 6th grade the same thing happened to him. The doctor said it was just growing pains and  it ended up being exactly that. He is in 11th grade now and is doing fine. Girls tend to hit these growth spurts a little sooner in life no? Either way seeing at least a chiropractor would be good.

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You want ask the doctor do a line of blood work for her. What I suggest is to do : CBC with differential, Iron levels, Fasting Blood sugars, HA1C, possible test for Lyme disease..There is Polio like syndrome is going around really she should see doctor.. I wish you both well with your health.

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