I Am Having Swelling And Pain In My Right Hand (sometimes Achy Tingly Feeling) And Wrist. And Up To My Elbow, But Not Pain At The Elbow. , My Joints Hurt Almost All The Time. What Could Be The Reason?


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M Miller answered
It could be carpel tunnel.  Do you do repetitive hand work, like data entry?  I've had carpel tunnel and the swelling and pain was usually only in my hand & wrist, but it eventually went up to my elbow also.  I was first given pain killers, then graduated to cortisone shots and eventually had to have the surgery.  I've never had a problem since then.  If these are the only joints that are hurting you, it just might be this- but you need to get a doctor to confirm it.
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Steven Vakula answered
Not knowing your age, not that it matters as joint problems and arthritis can affect anyone, try Glucosamine Chondroitin. It is found in the vitamin section of the drug store or super market and I have found it to work amazingly well for just what you describe. It could be something more complex that you are suffering from but I tried this and found it to work wonders.

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