What Does Senile Mean?


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The word senile is taken from Latin word senex (sen means old) and was modified as senililis. Senile is an adjective. This word is used to describe anything that relates to old age. For example: a senile person. It means the person is old. His senile hands trembled. Here, senile describes the hands wrinkled and weak with old age (characteristic of old age). It emphasizes decrease in physical well being. Gerontological or geriatric are the words that could be used for senile. A senile person is also termed senile (noun).

Senile could also relate to memory loss or mental disorders because of old age. An old person experiences decline in short-memory and alertness. The term senile is also applied in Geography. Senile also means being deteriorated or eroded to a plain without any geographical features. The whole plain is at a base level.
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Senile is an old age illness where a person looses their mind slowly. They loose memory and start acting very unusual. They will forget things people and places. They will forget even their loved ones. It is a sad deteriotion of a persons mind. It will start with little things but get worse and worse and people who are senile have to be taken care of
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Senile means the weakening of mental or physical abilities due to growing old.
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Showing a loss of awareness.
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