I began cracking my toes a while ago, but one day, the toes on my left foot began to hurt when I tried to crack them... Whoops! I'm somewhat concerned now, 'cause I can't stop trying to crack them despite the discomfort! (it irks me not to do it) What happened?


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Just leave them be for a couple of days then try again!

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Love your pic! Shion is adorable ^^ but anyways.. About your question, it doesn't sound too good >.> Mostly because I can't see doing that myself xD.. It might be because of how many times you have done so? :o

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Thanks! I'm thinking of changing my profile picture to another pic of Shion, but I'm not sure... The one I have has grown on me. Anyway, hahah, it's probably the amount of times I do it. Thanks for your answer!
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You're welcome c: The Shion picture you have is awesome :D Question, have you seen the No.6 anime? I've only seen clips but I read the manga :3 I just didn't like Shion's voice >.> I don't remember what Nezumi sounds like tho lol
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I'm not sure about the pain, but I'm addicted to cracking my toes, knuckles and neck.. Based on your question, I feel like we may need a support group to get over this habit, it's like second nature to me.

You know what they say... Once you try crack, you won't go back.

I did see a documentary which mentioned that cracking joints was caused by harmless air pockets or bubbles... More research into the side effects may be required here.

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Yup yup. Sometimes I won't even notice I'm doing it! I don't really know what to believe with that, other than I don't really want to be feeling pain. I've gotten back to it, unfortunately, (it doesn't hurt as much since I took a few weeks worth of a break) so I'll have to try much harder.

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