Temporary Blindness- only lasts a second or two, happens if I get up from sitting/ laying. Is this something to worry about, do you know where I can get more information?


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joe mckeown , Joe Mckeown, answered

You should get checked out. They sound like Mini Strokes and i am speaking from experience. I have since gone blind in one eye.

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You need to have someone take a hydrostatic blood pressure of you. Three back to back readings. 1st laying down, 2nd sitting up, 3rd standing up. This will give you a good idea if its blood pressure related, which it probably is and is fairly common. If the pressure drops from reading to reading you could be experiencing a precursor to syncope or may in fact have a syncopal spell in which you faint upon standing. 

This is easily treatable but definitely something worth checking into with your doc!

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