My Knee Is Very Stiff When I Get Up From Sitting Or Laying Down And Its Sore When I Try To Straighten It Out. Its?


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I have the same problem, did you injure your knee? - My knee also clicks when going from full straight to partially bent.  Mine came from a few injuries to the knee - My doctors just keep telling me to take advil and take it easy.  After months of that with no real improvement; I started becoming more active - my symptoms started to worsen and I requested another doctor.  After going to a specialist and having an MRI done, I was sent to physical therapy with a "stretched ACL, possible torn meniscus, and irritated MCL".  Now after 6 weeks I have improved but not to the point where I can do my everyday routine comfortably - I am wondering if it is Chondromalacia patella???  I was told that if it is, it might require scoping and cleaning or smoothing of the backside of the kneecap.  Good luck.

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