Is there a NATURAL way to relieve hip pain? Been told by doctor I have burisits and I cannot afford the shots (do not want be hooked on them either) and the pills do not help (I try not to take them because I hate having to depend on them)


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Book an appointment with a chiropractor or a homeopath.

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Ann Welsh
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Cold seems to make the painn worse and so does sitting
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Here's a weird meditative treatment that goes against everything we've always been known to do.In a quiet room, meditate on the pain and try to imagine it getting more painful as if you are dialing it up higher like a stove top dial.Increase it in intervals. If you have done it right, at the end of the session the pain may evaporate. The theory is that your brain will increase its natural pain killing receptors.I read this theory in a book about treating pain....sorry the author and the title of it escapes me right.
Niall Horan
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