My Knee And Ankle Are Swollen And Painful To The Point I Can't Put ANY Weight On Them. Numerous Doctors Have Been Stumped. Last Week I Got A Shot Of Cortisone In Both. The Knee Seems To Be Better, But My Ankle Is Still Swollen And Very Sore. Any Idea?


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I have similar problems myself, there are several things it could be and it can also be tested.

Ok I have high blood pressure, and my  feet and ankles swell really badly. I am on high blood pressure meds and a water pill for the edema.

There is also congested heart failure to consider, again it can be tested.

Are you intaking too  much salt? It can cause swelling. There is also swelling in my knees badly.  I have arthritis in both kneecaps, severely they swell all the time, I  am on meds for that.

Water on the knees is something too they can check for.

But for now to relieve some of the pain til they find out more. Elevate your legs, in bed place at least 2 pillows like under your knees and calves and rest for a while. Eat less salt and see how things go. Drink plenty of fluids.

Keep us posted on how you are doing.


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If one side only; this could be a heart issue.
Also have a simple blood test done asking you doc to check the level of your CD-57.
If this is LOW you could have LYME disease and not be testing positive via regular tests. Have an Infectious Disease Doctor review your case history and symptoms. If you found that Z pack antibiotics made you feel much better this could also prove to be a sign.

Good luck and May the Lord bless you
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Ask your doctor to test you for Gout..  I went through the same problems and it took my doctors 5 years to diagnose me. They didn't think it was possible because I was at the time 18 and a female and this disease is usually in men over 40.  The doctor can do it 1 of 2 ways. The first is a blood test to see if your uric acid levels are to high and second they can remove some of the fluid in your swolen joint and test that.  Hope this helps

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