What is the difference bettween a fracture and a broken finger xx?


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There is no difference at all between a broken bone and a fracture. A fracture is not a kind of break or a different degree of breakage. To break a bone is exactly the same thing as to fracture a bone.

Sometimes, a snapping sound can be heard when a bone is broken. If the person cannot move the body part and is experiencing a lot of pain, a bone may be fractured. In some cases, the part may still be able to be moved, but it will probably move abnormally.

An open break means that the bone is sticking out through the skin and the body is bleeding in response. The bleeding should be stopped without putting any pressure on the bone. Those with a broken bone in the neck or back should not be moved, as it could cause further damage.

A broken arm or leg may be put into a cast to help it heal. The cast must be kept clean and dry, or it could cause problems for the body part underneath. Medical experts often recommend raising the injured limb in the cast up when resting it to help keep it from swelling.

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