How to find out what hospitals I might be sent to if I go to the emergency room for suicide issues?


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General Hospitals don't take patients in dependant upon their ailment or trauma .. Logically, you would go to the nearest hospital to your location.

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Bikergirl Anonymous
They "MIGHT" send you elsewhere, if they are full or don't have a department that can deal with your injuries. Depends on the scenario.
Alice Liddell
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my goodness, lady, i mean a mental illness. general hospitals arent for treating that and are a holding place until a psych ward bed opens
Bikergirl Anonymous
Not all suicidal patients are created equal .. In a general hospital environment, for example they are not treated for 'mental illness' right on the spot .. Their injuries are treated FIRST and FOREMOST, even if they have to be restrained or sedated (or both) to gain control...but, primarily if they refuse medical treatment, they can walk out, and not be treated at all .. unless they are considered to be a danger to themselves or others, and someone would have to make a decision to deem them incompetant.

Only AFTER life threatening injuries, or general health is dealt with, only then, will there be any level of psycological assessment is done .. Most general hospitals have someone that deals with it, even if it's on a 'visitors' status, MAY BE called in if the condition of the patient warrants it. Most often, once a patient is stablized, and calm enough to be discharged, they will be discharged with a strong 'suggestion' to seek couselling. Much depends on the specific situation.

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