Why haven't I been able to go to the bathroom for 5 days even with stool softener and a lot of fiber ? What should I do ? Should I go to the emergency room?


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Tony Newcastle Profile
Tony Newcastle answered
If you are desperate for a bath, Monica, you could try using the local swimming pool..
But don't let on that you've been locked out of your own bathroom.....
rosa baez Profile
rosa baez answered
If youve tried lots of water no soda or caffiene fiber with no results try milk of magnesia.  It worked for me within 2 hours.  This was after going without pooping for six days.  I was going to see a doctor because toxins build up in your body.  Aside from being uncomfortable the situation is not healthy.  Try the milk of magnesiaif it dosent work go to the doctor please
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
After 5 days, I would say heard for the ER before you explode and hopefully the problem will come out alright in the end
Eleanor jones Profile
Eleanor jones answered
Pick up your stool and push it against your bathroom door several times and your door will unfasten I hope and Bingo! Prob solved but do open a window lol
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Haegan Daas answered
Talk to a doctor. If it gets worse, go to the emergency room. This could be a serious condition.

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