Nothing is goin for me. I'm sad, life's shattered so many tensions , I'm stressed and I don't know how to get over it - no free time so much work, I'm dying. What do I do?


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Nope, you're not gonna die.  Life is too precious & these works & stresses are part of it as we all face & create our own destiny & dealing with our own problems in our path.

I understand so many things in life could be stressful, regardless of the age, of the level or anything else. But the most important factor is to learn to control our stress, because stress can take our focus away & we can't focus, we can't see the solutions. As long as you take your focus back, you will be out of the blur site & you will be able to decide better. Then try to go inside of what caused you the stress. Try to face it. Sometimes you have to "Stop waiting for a change & make a change" when you make a move forward, your tensions will be lower & lower until its gone. " you have to be stronger when life gets to be tough" you have to believe in yourself & beat all these tensions up, and you have to remember, all these "hard" times exist to remind you how it feels to have an easy good happy time. And when you having a happy moment, enjoy it cause it won't last forever & if you having bad moments, don't be worry, it won't last forever either. Ups & downs are there. That's life. Just like a wave. Be strong & spread be positive so you could lead into new doors of opportunity. When something bad happens, you have three choices, let it destroy you, let it define it or let it strengthen you. Let it strengthen you & stay out with lights of hope & keep moving forward until this temporary phase of your life gets ended & another happier chapter will be started. :)

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Thank you :) it's my honor that you would read my words as they can be useful :) just please if you wanted read it more than few times! ignore my misspells & wrong typing ! lol! i had few wrong typing there!
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IT DOESNT MATTER!!!!!you answer is just so mind blowing that those tiny ant-like mispelt words wont matter...thanks you soooooooo much for surely write so good...just like me so motivating (lol) writing a hobby or something?
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Thank you so much :) not really, i didn't even considered myself a good writer. i'm glad you liked it :) just keep moving forward & try to enjoy life whatsoever. change how you think,change your life :)
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i always tell everyone and will ask you also to live your life with passion and think that it is your lst and do the things that you wanna do before dying since death is inevitable so go on enjoy the life like a queen and be happy.

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First just stop and take a DEEP breath, now hold it. slowly let it out. Next. Take time to prioritize what you need to do. Do the most important things first. Also if you need help, ask for it. There is no shame in asking. Everyone gets overwhelmed from time to time. And everyone needs help as well. Anyone who has been through high school or worked a job has been there. If they haven't they haven't lived up to their potential. If something needs to slide for awhile, let it slide. (As long as it is not something like feeding a child or pet. ;-) ) It will get better I promise.

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well then destiny should better make my life good ...atleast for the sake of your promise...its getting better i think.......but not just feel yet!
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If you want to be someone else,

change your mind.

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