I don't know what to do with my life. I have no dreams and I'm basically doing nothing with my life. I have no skills in anything. What should I do?


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That is as simple as complicated itself. But given the soul truth of life in this world, there is no chance at all of you having no skills.

I was the same person as you a month ago. I probably would have posted the same question myself if I didnt think it would never help. But to remind you that dont belittle yourself. Maybe it is because you face a lot of discouragement from your peers or family or friends. That was my case. But how did I get out of this trap? To be honest, Im still not out of it completely. But Im working on respecting myself and my values more, as much as I or anyone deserves to have.

To find out what you should do, is too meditate on this question in your head when youre feeling not so blue. Maybe you had some aspiration when you were a kid. Or maybe there still is something you want to do, but you have decided not to because of the society.

All in all I'll just suggest to keep your spirits up through thick and thin. Dont ever belittle yourself or loathe yourself. I really hope you get through this phase sooner than I.

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Why don't you try volunteering somewhere. Nursing home patients who have no family love visitors. You can read to them, talk to them about their lives and get to know them.  Also a pet shelter would love more volunteers to help walk the animals, feed them, bath them and just cuddle with them until they get their forever home. This will help you "find yourself" and maybe point you in a direction that brings you joy and contentment. You just have to take the first step. Good luck...

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What are your hobbies? Everyone has hobbies! And skills as well, you just have to figure out what it is, it's part of life. Try new things, things you would never imagine yourself doing. For example, I'm still in high school, and I'm like in this clique of The Arts, but this year I've decided to take a new path and take two maths classes and cross country! I won't have any of the electives I love, and I'm very nervous, I'd never thought myself doing this, but it's also nice to try something new. Go try something new! I hope you find your dream, and as for you skills, you've already have them, you just have to look.

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Trying to be yourself and being simple, then you would be happy as in life, it's complex, believing in yourself and being healthy that's important, not comparing with others. Time flies, life is short, the main is doing what you can.

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