How do you cope with anxiety?


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I believe for defeating anything such as these emotions, we need to find the core, the bottom line and the cause.

Anxiety has several reasons. So varied and wide.

-To some comes naturally, by a natural psychological mechanism.

-To some it happens by previous bad memories related to one particular topic. Or previous failures.

-To some anxiety shapes by words that the person turned sensitive to it over decades. And when they face those words they get attacked by anxiety.

-We might have anxiety attacks by involving in big events, tryouts, being in public, socialization, school, being tested and questioned, having conversation to opposite sex and so many more!

For curing these anxieties we need to build ourselves up from the inside and hit the core. The core related to it's own cause.some follow medication and other factors but the point is if we want to destroy the anxiety forever we need to strengthen ourselves up. From the within and face and build our weakness.

-In some cases, facing is the best option. Because everything in humans turns in to habits, when you face what you find anxiety with, when you stand against and do it, in first few minutes you feel you're about to have heart attack but slowly you'll feel better by time as you taking the situation under control automatically because you coping with the atmosphere. And once,twice . .. And suddenly you find yourself so normal about it!

-Sometimes anxiety occur because of the low esteem. You need to build up yourself from the inside and believe in yourself, pills won't help you, what you need is self confident and believing in your abilities. Positiveness and knowing that you can and you will do it. Avoiding negatives that fire up your anxiety but spreading positiveness and self confident within yourself.

-Sometimes anxiety occurs by overthinking. The most harming factor is overthinking. You're about to do something or involve in something! You start overthinking about it and it eats you up from the inside. You need to learn what calms you down the most and use it. You need to cool yourself and relax. You need to teach yourself,  sometimes you have to do something without much thinking because you have to do it anyway you just need to go there and focus and let it happen, whatever that suppose to happen without overthinking.

-In so many cases, listening to favorite music, musics that you know it would calms you down, energize you and motives you. Reading favorite quotes. And relaxation, taking deep breaths and breathing techniques can be too helpful. To some chewing gum can be also helpful for relief the anxiety.

-Some anxieties happens by lack of trust and not knowing! So many people involve in so many medical conditions in their lives and they find a hard anxiety about the huge medical devices or the medical environment or the process of what suppose to happen! All we have to do is to ask and explore, be informed, to know more and then see if we can trust or not! If they earn your trust then your anxiety will be gone.

-Some reach anxiety of public, socialization ect .. Mostly because of being judged, being pointed by fingers, and what other would say or think about them. Well here you need to just work on yourself and don't care what others says or think about you, you need to teach yourself to be yourself and stay as who you are and start living your life happily without caring of other judgmental behavior. You just need to reach the level of understanding that people will always talk and will try to rate you! You should just ignore it and enjoy your life.

And so many more!! . . . .

Each of anxieties has it's own cause and it's own way to cure it. For each one of these we need to hit the core and build up ourselves. And some medical techniques such as breathing and relaxation/exercises will be a huge help.

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thats a good question, its not easy thats for sure what helps me is having a good support base and thinking postive also eating a healthy diet

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I rarely suffer from anxiety. If I am anxious it is because something is out of my control. I usually just find a quiet spot take a few deep breaths and refocus. I make a plan for what I can do and say a prayer to let God handle the rest.

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I find subscribing to what the bible says helps - Phlp 4:6,7 - "Do not be anxious over anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication along with thanksgiving, let your petitions be made known to God;  and the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and your mental powers by means of Christ Jesus"

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Hey, breathing in slowly and deeply while remembering to exhale, can help lower the heart-rate and brain activity to a more rational level. Make sure during these periods of stress that caffeine intake is kept to a minimum.

If self-help techniques like speaking to college staff or working on your breathing do not help, make sure you consult with your doctor who can best advise you on whether or not you need to take prescribed medication.

Good luck.

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