My alt liver count is 93 my ast liver count is 40. What would be causing the alt to be high? Also should I be worried about the 93?


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Your ast is high normal and your alt is above normal. This could be caused by medication....acetaminophen, or alcohol or even something you've eaten recently. That being said, it may also be caused by a fatty liver, cirrhosis, or hepatitis. Only your doctor can accurately interpret your lab results.

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Thomas kamphaus
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Not a big drinker I do eat fast food a lot because we are always on the go. It started when I had my gull bladder taken out a few years ago not sure if that's connected.
Lard Ass
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It may be. If your doctor wasn't alarmed, and didn't order other testing I wouldn't worry about it.
Thomas kamphaus
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I have an ultra sound tomorrow. I'm worried because I think the worst of everything.

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