Should I wear an eyepatch due to pink eye because my eye is super light sensitive. I'm an 18 year old girl btw?


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hopefully you've been to the doctor to get some antibiotic eye drops as pink eye is extremely contagious. Yes, you can cover your eye when you go outside, if you are inside just lower your lights. Wash your hands well and frequently.

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Kylo Ren
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So I can go out with my friends as long as I cover my eye?
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If you are currently using antibiotic eye drops it should be fine. Cover your eye if the light bothers you. If you are not using antibiotic eye drops, I would refrain from going eye is easily spread.
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You should not go into work or do anything around people do to the fact that you're contagious. I hope that you went somewhere to get it treated.

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Araya Lioness
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That would lead to people questioning the eye patch possibly which would lead to you (hopefully) being honest. I wouldn't wear anything and simply avoid people for the time being.
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I don't mind people questioning it
Kylo Ren
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I won't
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I wouldnt go at all if I had pink eye. Anywhere for that matter.

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You should wear an eye patch and buy a pirate costume to wear any time you leave the house. I suggest a visit to Party City. It shouldn't cost much, since it's the off season. You could probably buy two costumes when you discover how inexpensive they are because it's not Halloween time.

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