My Husband Left Eye Is Red And He Is Sensitive To Light What Is This?


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The pain in my right eye is unbearable! It is red, tender, watery, and very, very sensitive to light. The outside of my eyelid is tender to the touch and it feels as though there is something in my eye! The burning sensation even wakes me up at night. I have had a corneal ulcer in the same eye a few months ago, but it has healed with treatment including antibiotic drops. I have chronic dry eye syndrome and I know that my eyes are susceptible to infections because they don't drain properly, but I keep them clean and flushed daily. Could this be another ulcer? Or is there something else going on?
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I'm 15, and I went threw a similar thing... I just woke up one morning and I couldn't open my eyes(happened frequently), they burned a lot, and were very watery. Turns out, I had Stigmatism, and a bad infection, and I didn't even know about it, but of course, I was wearing contacts... Without my knowledge that I had Stigmatism... And their are special types of contacts for Stigmatism that I wasn't wearing, so...if your husband wears contacts, he might have the same thing as I did. But still, tell him to get his eyes checked out.
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Is the eye sore and does it hurt to blink? The reason could be any irritation or inflammation on the front of the eye such as a speck of dust or a viral infection can produce watering of the eye and tenderness.

Does Bright light bother your husband? This symptom, known as photophobia may occur in local infection or inflammation of the eye, or when there has been acute injury. It is also a classic symptom of meningitis.

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