My sister is basically causing my depression from what she says. I can't do anything about it because we are both minors and I don't have any family to live with except with who I'm with now. I'm not sure what to do because we are BFFs at times?


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You need to talk to the adults you are living with about your feelings. And siblings think it is their job to aggrivate you.  The more you show that they are gtting to you the more they will do it. Just stick up or yourself and if you must say things back to your sister to mak her rethink herself.

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I think that qualifies as a "the devil made me do it" concept. If you're depressed it is a problem you have, and something you need to deal with, It may be a perception you have or maybe something deeper, as in a problem you may need professional help with. Seek help other than an Q&A website.

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Its weird how no one ever damns the devil and only god
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I understand where you're coming from, because I do see people that have been wronged (and christian) ask God "why he has done this to them". Where most will actually blame Satan for the fall. It seems to be a failure in the dogma of christianity as to whom is at fault. I prefer it being the person/s involved, not some supernatural invention.
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I you haven't been diagnosed with depression by a psychologist, then the choice is yours to be brought down by the actions of others or put them behind you and be happy.  Yes depression does exist. But for many, being happy is a choice away.

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