Life just gets harder and more depressing. What can I do? I want to make more money but I can't.


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You could further your education. Try a trade school, a quicker way to gain knowledge and skills needed for a particular job set.

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"I remember reading about a Dr. Carl Jung interview
where he expressed his take on the correlation between
wealth and happiness. Dr. Jung worked as a prominent
psychiatrist all over the world for more than 50 years,
and in the interview, the journalist asked Dr. Jung the
following hypothetical question: If he could choose
between working exclusively with wealthy patients or
poor patients, which would he prefer? Without much
hesitation, Dr. Jung said he’d choose the wealthy. This
of course shocked the journalist into asking, “Why not
the poor?” His answer: Wealthy people often have the
same problems as poor people, except they don’t waste
my time thinking the solution lies in having more

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We just don't have enough information to advise you.  Are you very young and having a hard time getting started .. Or are you an older person who made some bad choices and now have to regroup and try something new?  If you need more money, you might need more education and training or just a different or extra job.  Life can be difficult for all of us.  Just keep trying .. Get professional advice if you're overwhelmed.  But better to find someone in your real life to help you with the specifics of your problems.

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What do you enjoy doing? Can you make a living doing it? Is there training for this? Are you in a location where you could pursue this.

If you are in a remedial job, then the good news is that they are all over the place . . If you need to relocate and find another remedial job that can either train you for your passion, or be close to a school that can, then do it. There are all sorts of successful people that had desire and drive that rose them up from the same situation you find yourself in . . . Find that drive, and pursue your passion.

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May, if you want to earn extra money to get you over a financial pinch, there are many ways to do that. Deliver pizzas, walk dogs, babysit, deliver papers, crochet things and sell them, the list is endless, if you put your mind to it.

If you're looking to make more money as a career, take Angela's advice and consider trade school.

You have opportunities all around you - you simply need to think outside the box and look for them.

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Life is tough no doubt you have to make sacrifices. Work during the day and take college classes at night. Or go to trade school at night

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