How can I find if I have depression without my family knowing? I have taken tests but I can't consult a doctor. I cry a lot and have a lot of mood swings. I experienced more depression symptoms as well. I am a teenager and I have no idea what to do.


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You need to talk yo your dr so that means tell your parents. Mood swings are part of being a teen. Don't use the internet to self diagnose it will often make things worse. Talk to which ever parent you feel more comfortable with. You may just need to adjust your diet, get more exercise, join a group, stay busy, get counseling. You can always talk to us here but we can only help so much not really knowing you. Be brave, take a deep breath & tell them. Make a list if you think it will help, be honest, don't hold back tell them ALL of it. (((hugs))) ♥

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Why are you so worried about your parents not finding out?  To be diagnosed and treated, you need to see a doctor.  Your pediatrician will be able to diagnose and may feel comfortable treating this disease. You might start by talking to your school nurse.  He or she may know of some resources in the community.

There are many good medicines to treat depression.  It's just a disease and many people have this.

Regular exercise can be very helpful and also making sure you have good sleeping habits.

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I know everyone here is saying to tell your parents, but I know how tough that can be. You feel like they won't understand. So if you don't want to tell them, don't.

You could start seeing a school counsellor and ask for it to be kept confidential. It will be kept private between you ad the counsellor, but you could ask the school not to tell your parents. If they ask why, just say that you would rather not say, or it is personal, or that it is problems at home (only say that if you think that is what is causing you to feel like this) and that telling them would make it worse. Something like that should be enough and generally speaking they won't tell them if you ask.

If you are over 16, you can make doctor's appointments without your parents knowing and you doctor has to keep it confidential. Maybe that's something you can look into.

Honestly, working out that something is wrong is the first step. The second step would be working out what it is, but it sounds like you've done that, too. It takes some of the pressure off and relieves just a bit of that stress, so well done for trying to find help: You're on the right path.

I will follow you so if you want to dm me, just follow back and you will be able to :)

Things will get better and you can get through this. I promise.

Good luck :)

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Being underage, you have to go to your parents.  Your issue is that you need to see a professional. This professional will need to be paid. 

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