Do you see something wrong with a doctor who is also a smoker?


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I see someone addicted to nicotine, and hope they are able to quit before it kills them. 

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My friend, I emailed Rooster to fix that question. Thank you looking out for me and for advising me 😄😄😄😄
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LOL! 🤗
Not your bad.
That guy last night really was a "big dummy!" 🙄 He ruined the site for half an hour!!!!
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Yep :)
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"wrong"?  No ... Doctors are individuals like anyone else.

However, I probably wouldn't go to him - because the smell can literally make me sick.

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I haven't had a doctor who smokes for years.  But I do remember ... Years ago .. Sitting in a doctor's office with him smoking .. Telling me how I should improve my diet!!

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Yes.. I know everyone has their vices and I certainly have my own but I wouldn't go to a dentist with bad teeth .. An out of shape personal trainer .. Or a doctor that makes poor health decisions. I doubt any doctor would advertise that they smoke though .. So I'd probably never know then. Unless he smelled yucks.

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Being in aa and na i meet recovering nurses chiropractor doctors and all sorts of people who drank and druged on the job .  So u never know

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I've known plenty of doctors who me, they're really just regular people.

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I think there is something wrong with everyone who smokes. It is an addiction, a destructive chemical dependency and everyone knows this. That said, why does anyone smoke anymore? 

No one can credibly deny the well-documented health issues, the staggering bodycount☠ --common knowledge and utterly avoidable.  How can we then single out only doctors as bad decision-makers?

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Doctors are normally like us, although they can cure our illness, in my country there are a lot of them smoking, but luckily they don't smoke in their cabinet when they consult the patients, then out of this they smoke when they go to a restaurant, when they take a rest, in their house etc. One of my family was dead by the smell of the smoking, she didn't smoke, but the killer was his husband, as he always smoked, then she got the cancer of lung. So living or always near a smoker is dangerous.

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Not as much as I have a problem with an overweight doctor telling me I need to lose weight.

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Ray Dart
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Some 15 years ago, as a consequence of a (fortunately) minor heart scare, I was told to meet the dietitian at my local hospital. She was so large she probably had her own gravitational field.

I'm not "" about how someone looks (or I try not to be) but I truly could not take this woman seriously.

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