I Cut Myself Reaching For Something Stuck In My Throat, Now There Is A Piece Of Skin Hanging, Causing Me To Always Swallow, Do I Need To See A Doctor, Or Will It Heal On Its Own?


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It will probably heal on it's own. But if it causing you that much discomfort and worry, then the doctors won't hurt.

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Hapening the exact same thing to me , the doctor got me a mouth wash that tast awfull and that don't even seem to work , and the touched it with a q-tip so it hurts even more , so don't go to the hospital with it . Wait and eat soft thing and even alcool can help
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I think it will heal on it's own, your mouth is the fastest healing part of your body, so if it isn't gone in about 1 1/2 weeks maybe, see a doctor.
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Personally I think it will heal... But there will always be a bit of discomphort because of it-  I bit my tongue when I was little, went right through the middle. Now I have this massive scar accross my tongue but it took like 7 years to fully heal over, I used to be able to hook my tooth under it!
So just leave it and maybe it'll heal if you use/eat some natural healers like HONEY and NUMEROUS FRUITS.
However if it still hurts later on in a month or so THEN go see a doctor but in the meantime don't eat anything that could prevent healing.

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