I am rejected twice and m single. I m depressed with my studies too. There is no one to make me feel special and no one with whom I can share my inner feelings. What to do ??


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Adopt a cat or dog .

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Yeah , not sure if you have herd , Philadelphia became the first major city to tax soda/surgery drinks - even diet at 1.5 cents per ounce .
It's a sad day here . However the city created this tax without the state of Pennsylvania's ok . So the American beverage acoeation
Will sue the city , along with every other soda companies within the city. Also teamsters.
We lost the battle, but the war has just begun.
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yes i seen some of that on tv its crazy their so called fat tax its a joke
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When I was a kid- my parents
Would make me go outside if I was inside to long. Today
Kids sit in front of the tv or computer and don't exorcize
No wonder they get fat.
Mc Donald's was a treat for me then , today it's part of many kids diet..
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First ... You work on your own personal happiness and self-esteem.  Feeling sorry for yourself is very unattractive.  You can't hinge your personal happiness on whether or not you're in a relationship.  If you find what makes YOU happy .. You'll attract the right type of person for you.  You're probably making bad choices .. And that never works out. 

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Two things are very important to remember:

1) you have value just because you exist, and

2) you have value because you have something to offer others.

Other people don't always realize the first about you, and the two you reference may simply be unable to recognize that about you.

Notice---it is about them, not about you.

You need to acknowledge and own your value and gifts---Get in touch with that reality.

Happiness is about how you react to what happens to you and what you tell yourself about the things that happened to you.

It usually gets much better with age as we get more experiences in which we can recognize the value we actually have.

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Dear Anon,

You have made a great first step by coming onto Blurt, getting your situation out there to be considered by others...

My response will have to do with just getting through day-by-day, moment by moment....because imo, if someone reaches the age of thirty or so and has not encountered depression along with issues like yours, they are not fully engaging life they are just skimming the surface of what it means to be humankind. So:

1. Think of small WHOLESOME things that help you get through the you like books, bird-watching, cooking, hiking, can you take in a rescue animal and give it a good home? Gardening, knitting - remember athlete Roosevelt Grier and his needlepoint!

(Note: Try NOT to get involved in video games to pass the time, they are not only addictive but they make brain patterns that to a person like me - i.e., old like me - those patterns are not desirable.)

2. Some clubs or groups that give you companionship but do not ask much from you...I find a book club wherever I go usually, for example.

3. Try NOT to let your education slide...find ways to back into your studies, trick yourself if necessary into keeping schooling up...say maybe, "As soon as I finish this boring chapter or essay I will watch that TV program I like."

* * *

Basically, you are just hanging in there now and let the magnificent splendor and horror of your life play itself out, and you are doing your best to say *YES* to life now, whatever that entails.

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