What Kind Of Drugs Should You Take For Bad Pain?


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The problem with taking Loratab (hydrocodone--also known as Vicodin) is that your body gets used to it. So the longer you take it, the less effective it is. Ask your doctor if he can prescribe a different pain killer. I go back and forth between vicodin and Percocet for my migraines since after a while the vicodin just doesn't really help. I wish I could help more. I know how hard it is to be in pain and not have your pain medication help. Good luck.
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In my case I don't do well on pain med's. They make me sick to. So I can take only two a day. I have a weak tummy. Pain is so hard to live with. When you have Grandkid's that you love and want to just want to play with them.
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I have very bad pain. It is geting worse. Pain that is. I hurt myself 5yrs ago. I broke my ankle very bad. I had to have my little toe taken off to. It put more weight on my other leg. So I'M on Loratab 7.5. My Doctor say's it will get worse. The pain is so bad sometime I CAN'T SLEEP.  Anything I can do?   YVONNE
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Try pain-o-soma 350 mg. It's very effective medicine in pain relief. It is used in the treatment of muscle pain, shoulder pain, chest pain, neck pain, lower back pain.
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I have chronic pain with my fibromyalgia, and have tried all I can for the pain, I think I finally have a combo that works, i take cymbalta for the derpression and pain, and Lyrica for the constant pain, they recently put me on muscle relaxers, but haven't noticed a benefit, so sorry you are hurting, let me know if you need more help. I would say if you are on that med for 5 years, you probably should switch for a bit, since our bodies seem to get use to it over time.
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Hi...I just started taking, "Concentrated- Cherry Juice"...It has healing properties. It is Anti-Inflamitory.....High in antioxidents.....helps with head aches and artheritis.....I get it at the Meijer store up here where I live. It's probably at other food stores too. You take two table spoon fulls. Or eat about 6 cherries a day...I've read up on this stuff. You could try. I'm not sure on real bad pain...But it's natural.....I'll also pray for you, that the Lord sends you healing lights...cyndi
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If you are in a great deal of pain then you really need to go and see a doctor for what ever it is hurting you. I am sorry that you are hurting.
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I am sorry that you hurt so much. Maybe it is time to tell the doctor to take another look at your foot and tell him that you can't sleep because of the pain, he has to listen to you, he might even prescribe some sleeping medicine for you. Again, sorry that you hurt so much and I really hope this helps.
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I do go to the doctor but they want to give you strong med's. I have Grandkis's I love to play with. But it is getting harder. I'm blessed to have a loving family. My Father passes away 3yrs. Ago.That pain makes you pain even worse.
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I am sorry to hear this, and I wish you luck with the grandchildren, but there really is going to be a point in time where you are going to have to give in and take the pain meds. Sorry, if you get them, then just take 1/2 of the dose. You can't keep going without some sort of relief, it will make you think oddly because of it. Please consider this? Want to be friends?
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Well go and ask your doctor when I had a tube in my stomach and my appendix taken out I got oxycotton and it helped out alot but I advise you ask your doctor
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Lortab is like vicodin.....kinda weak move to percocet, but that is a stronger opiate and will be addictive eventually moving to oxycontin, even more addictive and troublesome!

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