What is the most awkward situation you have ever been in?


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KB Baldwin answered

Ran into a lady at the fair.  I had known her as a distant acquaintance but not as a friend.  Asked "How are the kids?"  Found out thatthe court had just taken both away

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PJ Stein answered

Last Thanksgiving my sister-in law (married to my older brother) came out yelling about wanting to see the baby bump on my nephew's wife. (younger brother's family). No one had told my sister-in-law that they lost the baby. I felt bad for them both! The whole mood changed of the dinner changed at that point.

On the upside my nephew and his wife are expecting again. My great-nephew is due a few days before Thanksgiving. 

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Tyler Richard answered

So I was eating at lunch with my crush. We actually started talking we got to know each other but I really like her. The embarrassing thing that happens is when I scooped the food on my fork and put it in my mouth it fell out of my mouth cause I thought it was too hot


She laughed XD agghh

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Michael Poland answered

My arrival here.

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