What is the most bizaare behavior you have ever encountered?


3 Answers

Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
People ODing on drugs just before the pass out if they do
Janey Profile
Janey answered
A guy taking off his shorts in a nightclub where our band was playing onstage right in the middle of the dancefloor and throwing them at me.  Ewww - trauma much?
Addilynn All Star Profile
Oh dears.....okay I was on a bus..and this irish dude was new to this country..so he comes up to me and says "ay there you little chick , can ye tell meh where I am now or what"? And I said "sir we're at the train station" and he said "WAHT? The fu**in police station?!" and I said noo train station...so he calls up his mate and sayys " jaysus jack I'm going to get locked up ,"! See you in hell mate! And then he jus started swearing and got up and started dancing and then a girl came on the bus and he said "fu**in teenagers come on girl you look lyke a drag"!  And to this lil baby he was like "wahts the point> yer mama probably going to go fU** of somewhere anyway"

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